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It’s not about us, really. It’s about company managers struggling to meet Google’s expectations, the customer’s expectations, and make money at the same time. That’s what digital marketing boils down to, which is why we’ve ended up where we are, doing what we’re doing.

The truth is, everyone is doing so much work – content marketing and SEO is a lot of work – and still not getting traction. Why not? Here are just a few real-life stories from our own client base:

One client was writing fantastic articles, even articles that would make Google happy. They were also useful to customers, and they were impressive enough that they should have led to more business. But his site numbers were abysmal. We analyzed his site, looking in all the key areas, as we always do, and we discovered something that was killing his traffic: there was a “/robots.txt” command active in his code, which basically tells all robots (yes, like Google) NOT to crawl his site. No crawling, no ranking, no visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). No traffic. Fixing that one problem started things moving in the right direction. 

Another client had stayed up late nights for years filling her site with delicious content. Useful content, slightly whimsical, entertaining to read, caring. Nice for customers. But too vague and poetic for Google (remember, Google is a code being, not a flesh being). Google didn’t know what to do with that content, so Google didn’t do anything with it – except for one article on a strange subject, which kept getting her ranked #1, but didn’t lead to any sales. At the same time, her hosting company was experiencing outages, making her site go down pretty frequently. This made Google think, wow – this site is broken. Obviously that was an almost fatal blow. That technical problem has been fixed, her traffic is increasing, and she’s turning out articles that still contain that whimsy and practical caring, but also give Google Big Fat Hints about what she sells and why it’s special.

Another client sells a very expensive item (for thousands of dollars, used by scientists) that goes by the same name when it is sold for $10 in a hardware store. This client was paying a pay-per-click company, to bring in leads. The pay-per-click company ran ads with the name of the item, but didn’t provide a clue as to the real cost of the item or what it was used for. They got a lot of clicks, which brought the pay-per-click company lots of money and made the client happy. Too bad most of the people clicking were not scientists, but gardeners looking for that $10 item. The second they realized their mistake, they clicked away – and that client’s bounce rate went through the roof. Google noticed, and started showing them lower in their organic search listings, and also started charging them more for their ads. So the company was paying another company to ruin their organic search results. Now they know that their ads should make it clear which type of product they sell, and they’re moving in the right direction again. 

These are very sad stories. These are the situations that keep us up at night and drive us forward every single day.

Search optimization for revenue is all about getting moving in the right direction, using systems that make business sense while solving these problems. Systems that act as guiding lights for managers who need to supervise all those people doing all that work. This is why we first do an assessment to find these “gotchas,” and then “do” and “teach” in any combination to set things right. Every company is in the middle of its own movie, and every company has different problems to solve. It’s exciting.

We founded Cloud Potential in the fall of 2014. We have personal and client experience in retail, consumer goods, distribution, logistics, B2B services and products, SaaS, business consulting, manufacturing, travel, real estate, HR, credit, telecom, electro-mechanical and mechanical systems, and software of all kinds.

Joe Mckenna CEO Cloud Potential

Joe Mckenna, CEO

Kristin Zhivago President Cloud Potential

Kristin Zhivago, President

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We have a highly experienced, professional, and reliable team of website technicians, search engine technicians, and writers.

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