Revenue Roadmap

The Cloud Potential Revenue Roadmap system consists of:

  1. Digital Impact Appraisal – Know where you are, where they are, and what you
    should be doing. You will understand your website, competitors, and customers like
    never before. All factual. Includes recommendations.
  2. Technology Setup – The Appraisal and our other analysis will uncover how well
    your technology is helping you – or hurting you. There is often low-hanging fruit here;
    one small but critical change can make a big difference in your search rankings and
    conversions. If you’re faster, you’ll rank higher. If you’re mobile-ready (not just
    “responsive”) Google will display you higher and more often to the more than 50% of
    the people who now search on mobile devices.
  3. Search Identity Framework and Working Content Model & Guidelines – Search
    is much more than keywords. It’s developing your search identity – your “positioning”
    if you will – so that Google knows exactly what you offer, what’s special about it, and
    how well it aligns with what your customers want. We will build a content framework
    with you and for you that gives logic and structure to your whole SEO strategy. You
    will always be producing the next best content to improve your search results.
  4. Search Content Machine – Online marketing is nothing at all without content.
    Proper content confirms and reinforces your identity to Google, passes all tests for
    SEO-friendliness, and focuses on the keyword phrases that people are using to find
    you. Proper content is also generated regularly, to continuously increase interest,
    momentum, and traffic.
    We also provide a full-service backlinking program which starts with the primary
    directories, then the wholesale directories, then branches out to the numerous
    backlinking opportunities. Legitimate backlinks improve your domain authority and
    your rankings. We also handle business listings, social bookmarking, article posting,
    classified postings, Stumble Upon, Pinterest & Tumblr (if appropriate), and more.
    We provide detailed, monthly Content Guidance to your writers and ours, for a
    consistent and momentum-creating content effort. Articles are written for on-site and
    off-site publishing and serve to reinforce your identity with Google, raise your
    rankings and appearances in search engine results.
  5. Reporting and Refinement – The online marketplace changes constantly. That’s
    one reason we are constantly report, analyze, decide, and refine. As we work with
    you, what we are doing together will teach us what works and what doesn’t. We will
    then be able to put more energy into the successful efforts and shift away from the
    less-successful efforts.
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