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We produce content Google and your customers will love. The method is rigorous and the research deep. The Google side of the goal is to get you into the searches already being used to find your type of product or service, to build your identity in Google’s “mind,” (you’d be surprised how most companies are their own worst enemies when it comes to confusing Google), and to make your company competitive in the search engine battle for rankings. Google can help you bring them to your site, but before they click and after, the content you put in front of your customers has to be compelling, or you’ll never get the conversions that lead to revenue. And we are all about revenue. We have a system for consistently generating first-class content, starting with a proprietary Search Identity structure that will really help everyone in your company understand what Google needs to know about who you are, what you offer, and what makes you special. We have a writer instruction system that literally helps writers “write by the numbers,” so that the posts and pages they produce meet all of the requirements set forth in the Search Identity structure. No other company has so thoroughly integrated search engine optimization and professional content creation.

Search Engine Marketing Services

It’s not enough to create great content, unfortunately. And it’s not just pages and posts that will raise your position in search results, although optimized pages and posts are essential. The other side of the equation is the literally hundreds of things that need to be done behind the scenes. We tend to refer to this as the janitorial work. You have to get into the primary directories, with the right, carefully-crafted message. Ditto for hundreds of “wholesale” directories. You have to get your articles published on reputable sites that will link back to you (this is one of the ways to raise your domain authority, which, in turn, will make Google display you more often and more favorably). You have to keep track of the terms that are trending and ensure you’re riding those trends. You need to employ social bookmarking techniques to help amplify and spread your content. Your site should pass all of Google’s tests – for speed, image treatment, mobile-readiness, and a slew of other characteristics. These are the basics, which, we can confidently say, your toughest competitors are already doing. Our Search Engine Marketing Services will get you up to the standard being set by market leaders, so you can compete effectively.  view pricing

Rent an SEO manager

Cut the learning curve and get the specific help you need. Managers come with the full suite of resources to fill in areas you may need help with. Includes all aspects of SEO. learn more

360-Degree SEO Impact Evaluation

Where are the holes in your SEO marketing strategy? Where is the low-hanging fruit that could lead to more revenue? Who’s beating you and how? What market trends could you be taking advantage of? How does Google rank you, and why? Analysis, report, recommendations.  learn more

To date, both of the websites Cloud Potential has been working on have had some major wins. Our inbound leads from have improved by over 90% since they optimized the site and started managing our PPC campaigns, and has seen a 29% increase in on-site conversion sales from organic search. Desiree Bryant

Marketing Director, Allied Fire and Security

How we work

Digital Impact Appraisal

Know where you are, where they are, and what you should be doing. You will understand your website, competitors, and customers like never before. All factual. Includes recommendations.

Technology Setup

The Appraisal and our other analysis will uncover how well your technology is helping you – or hurting you. There is often low-hanging fruit here; one small but critical change can make a big difference in your search rankings and conversions.

Search Identity Framework

Search is much more than keywords. It’s developing your search identity – your “positioning” if you will – so that Google knows exactly what you offer, what’s special about it, and how well it aligns with what your customers want.

Search Content Machine

Online marketing is nothing at all without content. Proper content confirms and reinforces your identity to Google, passes all tests for SEO-friendliness, and focuses on the keyword phrases that people are using to find you. Proper content is also generated regularly, to continuously increase interest, momentum, and traffic.

Reporting and Refinement

The online marketplace changes constantly. That’s one reason we are constantly report, analyze, decide, and refine. As we work with you, what we are doing together will teach us what works and what doesn’t. We will then be able to put more energy into the successful efforts and shift away from the less-successful efforts.

Workshops for Managers

We don’t limit optimization to online efforts. We also optimize your knowledge, so you can manage your revenue growth efforts with facts and confidence, and we teach your team to do the same. Using any appropriate combination of hands-on coaching, webinars, and workshops

Search Engine Optimization Service

Meet Customer Expectations

$3200 /month
  • This service includes the Meet Google’s Expectations service.

  • We will create a custom SEO content structure system that will guide all of your content creation – so all of your content will send a clear, non-confusing message to Google. Then we will work with you to create the right kind of content.

  • You will see more traffic, but more importantly it will be the right kind of traffic, because it will match how people are already looking for you. It will be based on the keywords that are most valuable to you because they are most likely to lead to conversions.

  • You will have a dedicated team which includes a strategist, a client/content manager, website technicians, search engine technicians, and writers.

Meet Revenue Expectations

contact us for price
  • This service includes all of the services included in the Meet Google’s Expectations and Meet Customer Expectations services.

  • We go beyond the click and remove roadblocks to revenue, focusing on anything that introduces friction into the conversion process. 

  • As with all SEO, this is an ongoing optimization process. Sites, blogs, landing pages, backlinks, competitive analysis, traffic and conversion rates – they all work together to increase sales.

  • But we don’t just stop with technology. How well are your salespeople and/or chat personnel integrated with the digital marketing efforts? What is the customer’s buying process and how well is it supported at each micro-decision point? We have deep hands-on experience in these areas and can do it, teach it, and teach how to manage it.

  • We will start where you are now, figure out what needs to be done, and get you up to best-practice levels through a “what’s the next right step” process.  

If you are in one of these industries, we can shave months off the vendor learning curve. Been there, done that.

  • Lighting (retail and distribution)
  • Application Development
  • Analytical Software
  • Metal Building Materials
  • Retail – Jewelry
  • Retail – Cosmetics
  • Retail – Boat Dealers
  • Retail – Safes and Vaults
  • Retail – Home Security
  • Electromechanical Parts
  • Promotional Products
  • Credit Reports
  • Background Check Services
  • Photo Diodes & Lasers
  • Travel / Recreation
  • Professional Training / Events
  • Real Estate
  • B2B SaaS Applications
  • Consultants – B2B
  • Presidential Campaigns

“Great SEO starts with the customer.”

Cloud Potential’s co-founder Kristin Zhivago wrote the book on understanding your customer. Voted one of the top 6 sales & marketing books by Forbes
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